Synthesis department

We offer sound knowledge-led expertise in synthetic organic chemistry coupled with strong analytical chemistry for meeting the challenging synthesis projects for your molecules.

Sound Knowledge, rich experience in synthesis and Characterization.

Our company has expertise and experience in developing synthetic processes using electronic chemistry, starting with CCA, OPC and synthesize various chemicals originating from these raw materials. Hodogaya Contract lab has been synthesizing several new chemicals / developing new chemistriesand improving the processes for established / previously synthesized chemicals since 1993. We have expertise in synthetic techniques as our base that we cultivated by all types of phosgene reactions etc. e.g. Pharmaceutical and Agrochemical Intermediates, electro-Luminescence compounds, monomers for polymer synthesis.

We are open for either proposal based contracts or fixed period contracts basis of FTE basis, as per the comfort of the sponsor. Our experience in assisting process development and proposing route of synthesis has been well respected by the Japanese Industry from mg to kg lab scale synthesis.

Chemistries offered….

Phosgene reaction (isocyanate, urea, urethane, Chloroformate, carbonate, amino acid NCA ) Wittig Reaction,Transition metal catalyst reactions (Suzuki, Heck, Sonogashira), Oxidation (Peroxide, etc.) and Reduction reactions (boron, various hydrides). We have strong capability and SOP driven processes for handling reactions involving phosgene, hydrosulfide, chlorine, HCl, ammonia and similar hazardous gases and cyanogenic compounds.

Quality Control & Assurance

The quality of samples generated during the synthetic processes are assessed by varioussophisticated analytical instruments such as HPLC, GC, NMR, IR, GC-MS, LC-MS, etc.